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“Quantum mechanics”

“Quantum mechanics”

We do not confuse Quantum physics (Planck, Einstein) with “quantum mechanics”. The quantum physics talk about that the photons, are not continuous waves, but “whatever”, particles, concrete units of energy (nonpelotita it compacts), of waves that of do not disperse. In opposition to the idea of Maxwell of continuous waves.
The idea that the waves do not have mass and the particles is compact, does not have scientific base, but in the prejudice of the classic physics. The mass has to do with inertia (not with the “substance”), and the one of particle talks about the certain thing, to the quantum thing (not if he is compact).
The quantum theory (Planck, Einstein) speaks to us of photons like “particles” (small pieces of wave, Schrödinger), not a “continuous electromagnetic wave” (Maxwell).

In as much the “quantum mechanics” it is a mathematical speculation, are conclusions of a logical reasoning, that nothing has to do with physics (it does not adjust to the observation), but it is confused the students doing to happen it through the same. With similar names, that dishonestly are used them like interchangeable.

When we compared Einstein with Hawking, it is to compare the “quantum physics” with the “quantum mechanics”.

Hawking takes a conceptual error and soon it applies a mathematical complicated good, and arrives at an absurd one. Ex. The “radiation of Hawking”, where it takes the gravity like a fluid. One is not to demonstrate mathematically that it is mistaken, is not an error in the logical method, but conceptually it is an error. The gravity is not a fluid.

When we compared the quantum mechanics with the alphabet, we could say that, the “h” is the quarks, the “n” would be the gravitons, the “w” would be the Boson of Higgs, etc.
It is not worth the pain to discuss if the “h” sounds or no, or if the “n” is not understood in other languages, or if the “w” is not of our language. The problem is that a, B, C, are mistaken. 

The idea that Einstein left from the mathematical one to explain the gravity, is a distortion, of dishonest personages to whom I call “disguised mathematicians of physicists”.

The mechanics not only does not explain,
but it confuses 

The idea that the physics is mathematical, is a fantasy imposed by the mathematicians, the physics is not based on the mathematical one, but on the physical axioms (the observation), where the mathematical one is a tool to make the physics logical. The problem that the mathematicians “have won the bank” and is no form to move them, because they confuse to the indoctos (politicians), with incomprehensible signs becoming the intelligent ones.

The logical method, not only does not explain the reason of the physical phenomenon, but it harms the understanding of the phenomenon.

The mathematical one is a description of relations, equalities and proportions, to this we called mechanics (classic, relativistic, or quantum).
The logic (mathematical) has axioms. Part of axioms for the logical construction, does not explain the axioms, the axioms are to begin with inexplicable points. Thus the physics of the quantum mechanics, leaves from “fundamental forces”, hypothetical particles, as well as dark energy or dark mass, etc.
The physics is axiomatic: “On the Theory of relativity and Other Contributions to Science.” (A. Einstein), 1982, pgs.s 24-27. Where the axioms are the observations, and these are the destiny of the explanations.

To think that the explanation of the phenomena is by means of the mechanics, is a concept error.
In the mechanics, part of an axiom, that is a departure point of the logic, is impossible to give an explanation of an axiom (logical). To the phenomenon nonexplained, magic is called. Thus the magician, removes the doves from a handkerchief, phenomenon that we cannot explain (magic).
The logical construction (mechanical, mathematical) part of axioms, at no moment explains the axioms (because the logical axioms cannot be explained, is an axiom, is a departure point); it is what it has happened with the “quantum mechanics”: To start off of axioms: Of inexplicable forces (“fundamental”), of dark, hypothetical concepts, etc.
Reason for which we listened to say: “Nobody knows what is the gravity”. This only valid for the quantum mechanics.

Like part of a mathematical speculation on “a straight” space (euclidiano), based on the Bohr atom, and a series of abuses, others is saying that, the space is curved (TRG), or that the Bohr atom does not represent the reality… etc. The quantum mechanics part of a three-dimensional concentric atom (model of Bohr), understand and it in a straight space (euclidiano).
Already in the 1915 document (Einstein), it demonstrates it sees and it inescapable, that it is not possible to be spoken of force to “distance”, admit remote forces is to admit the magic in the physics.
But these “Mathematicians” (disguised of physicists), voluntarily ignore the forceful and inescapable test of the same Einstein. They leave from a straight geometry, that does not agree with the reality.
By this cause a commentator says: “Finally, I do not believe that the quantum physics [quantum mechanics] are fascinating. Rather I believe that it is an abomination that is seriously harming a generation of students and ballast of a terrible way the advance of science. It would have immediately to be eliminated of the training programs for this reason. They do not do it because most of those that they are giving physical nowadays are mathematicians who do not understand the physics (some, not even they have the level of a student of average education) and others without having nor idea occur to the reason an a of what they speak. ” 
For the quantum mechanics, a particle is precise and it does not have volume.
Anyone can know that it cannot have an precise particle, and the mass cannot be without volume. Without speaking of “spin”, etc.
The calculation of mass and energy is so exact, as the one of precise particle “and without volume”, then they appear the “neutrino” (with the same criterion).
As well as it is not possible to make congeniar the “story of the stork” (birth of babies) with the physiology of the sexual reproduction (it is impossible). Thus it is, to make congeniar the quantum mechanics, with the reality.

If nothing of that is real, he is not real either the atomic nucleus, or the electrons giving returned, or the neutrinos, or the quarks, etc. But the prejudice does not allow to see the reality, to maintain a story, a fantasy; in order to maintain an amount of people speaking stupidities. That it does not have support in the observation, but in mathematical or the fantasy, that separates from the physical axioms (observation).

Thus, if you want to understand something, it begins to think that the electron is not a particle (in some point), his indetermination (Schrödinger) occupies all the three-dimensional space of the apparent atom (wave).

Ex. In a hydrogen atom, the orbital one, is an electronic cloud, but it is not dealt as some want to confuse, with a pile of electrons; the electronic cloud is A SINGLE ELECTRON, and its indetermination is the load that is not in some of those points, but in all those points, inclusively, its greater presence is where the “Bohr atom” puts to a such nucleus, that it is impossible, cannot have a nucleus within an electron, because we see that all the space is the electron occupying; thus it is not possible either those such levels of orbit, in that concentric atom.

An isolated electron has the same size that the orbital one, but isolated the nontour around anything. Like the one that is in the orbital one. The prejudice of the Bohr atom, rotates to the electron, but this does not have another foundation that the prejudice, doing a revolving standing wave, to feed the prejudice. The idea that the electron turns, comes from the spin, that is means turn, that nothing has to do with turn but a turn effect (property of all wave).


Because the atom is not three-dimensional, nor he is concentric. In physics the plane does not exist, the plane is a mathematical abstraction, when fodder in plane, fodder in a paper or a table, a body, is no physical plane without body, since there is no body without time. In physics bodies of four dimensions only exist. For better explanation:
Still Wiki with all prejudices recognizes: “The concept of which the electrons are in satelite orbits around the nucleus has left in favor of the conception of a deslocalizados or diffuse electron cloud in the space, which represents better the behavior of electrons described by the quantum mechanics solely like probability density functions to find an electron in a finite region of space around the nucleus. ”

“In the model of Schrödinger the conception of electrons like tiny spheres with load give ins that turn around the nucleus, that is an extrapolation of the experience at macrocospic level towards the tiny dimensions of the atom. Instead of this, Schrödinger describes to electrons by means of a wave function, squared of which it represents the probability of presence in a delimited region of the space. This zone of probability is known like orbital. ”

“The wavelength of Broglie of an electron whose kinetic energy is of the order of the kinetic energy of the electron in the hydrogen atom, is of the same order of magnitude that the size of the atom.”… (p 57)

In order to understand, it is necessary to forget the fantasies of the quantum mechanics. And to begin everything again. Clearly, this is not accepted by the university professors, whom they would have to study again, and the majority of them, not even know physical, because “mathematical they are disguised of physicists”.

The physics is axiomatic, the axioms are the observation, and the physics is not the logical reasoning, but the explanation of a phenomenon, that regularly contains a logical reasoning.

If you want to understand the atomic physics, you cannot start off of an error, although soon it is very logical, and more or less it agrees. Thus it was the heliocentric, logical theory and agreed, and it could predict phenomena, etc. But it was a fantasy.

Standard theory
The call “standard theory”, part of a concept pseudo scientist: “That science is progressive”.
It is a positivismo without strict sense.

The call “standard theory”, is not a theory, is a potpourri of noncomplementary, different, opposite and antagonistic theories, part of concepts of: Inexplicable “fundamental forces”, hypothetical particles or without mass, incongruous schizophrenics photons, mutants neutrinos, definitions, using the same word or synonymous, etc. Making two physical ones, the one of the small and the one of the great thing, because there are two physical different (what stupidity).
Making of the Metaphysical physics, “cuasi”, magician and mystic.
This call “standard theory”, nobody knows what is what the Integra or what no. is based on the concept pseudo scientist of the “progress of science”, following sumatoria of logical reasonings on erroneous foundations. Reason for which one takes very well with the “theory of the quantum mechanics”. And as if outside little the pro-government vandalism, does not admit that it is thought different, without concerning the reality, the stupidities and contradictions.
He is lamentable to the state that has arrived the education from the physics and nor what to speak of the investigation.
The incredible thing of the subject, is that it is adduced to the technology, to mask without scientific sense, of the physics that is taught. It is as if we said that, the vulcanization process, was consequence of the theoretical investigation of chemistry, anyone can know that it was a practical investigation (“alchemist”).

It is hour that these vain university professors (dishonest), they begin “to desasnar itself”, and forget his doctorates that use like nobiliary titles, to humiliate to those who show his errors.
Totally despicable it is the one who maintain of hostages the students, by means of their “authority” (authoritarianism), to maintain the prejudices, to weaken the education, and to form inept for the investigation. Justifying its behavior to the logic, weakening the same base of the physics, that is to say: The explanation of the physical phenomena.
Also of despicable they are those that by comfort, advantage, or simple “I do not put”, are united with these personages. That although against all principle of the scientific knowledge, it is transformed into is “mass”, town, or “chusma”.

 The indignante is the indifference whereupon the things are taken, because it gives the same, to teach the error that the truth. That the important thing is not to know how they are the things, but to enjoy the economic bonanza (a good pay), at the cost of any lie (since gives the same). Which is education that we want for our children…? How it is possible that people who seem intelligent, follow with such reasonings?
When I listen a physicist to say, that nobody can know what is the gravity, I ask myself: Why Einstein devils wasted the time thinking? Where it is the happiest idea of his life?
The answer is clear: “There are two infinite things”. “The human stupidity and the universe, although second I am not safe” (Einstein).

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